G r a n i t e

I love experimenting with texture and different finishes to make a piece unique and reflect the Scilllonian environmemt. The Granite collection includes bangles, earrings, rings and charms all given a touch of Scilly and a glistening finish with various methods using the local granite. (This range is also availble in Gold, please get in touch for pricing options.)

T r e a s u r e

My favourite collection named after my favourite beach! There are so many colour possibilties when it comes to seaglass washed up on Scilly's shores so I've narrowed this collection down to the beautiful Aqua tones. These pieces of soft blue coloured seaglass have been carefully cut and carved by hand into classic gemstone shapes of oval, oblong  or round, then bezel set in gold, silver or a combination of the two.

A l p h a b e t

A brand new collection introduced Summer '18... individual letters and numbers given their own unique texture. These are for sale here on the website with a granite finish - but I can also give them the 'BEACH' effect or just keep them simple with a smart polished finish.  A-Z and 0-9 available, a great personalised gift!

B e a c h

This collection is all about texture inspired by the sand and sea formations found on Scilly. I use techniques that rely on an element of chance and experimentaion to give the silver a unique and organic surface that gets even better with wear. This collection includes cuffs, bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. I often use sand from the local beaches when creating the textured finish, so feel free to request a specific island or beach in your design.