B e a c h

A collection inspired by a more refined style of jewellery. Simple and contemporary in appearance compared to the more organic Granite collection whilst keeping the essence of Scilly present in the  texture from island sand and stone. Clean lined shapes and high polished edges provide a real contrast to set off the subtle glistening surface.

T r e a s u r e

A collection named after my favourite beach!

I adore faceted stones and the dimension and sparkle the cut brings... add that to a lifelong obsesssion with beautiful seaglass found on Scilly's beaches, et voila...Treasure. Hand cut and finished with techniques I've developed to keep aspects of the sea tumbled texture for depth whilst letting the light shine through to give a real jewel like appearance.

O c e a n

New for 2019. Silver and gold sculpted by the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds our islands. The unique flowing forms of the Ocean collection are actually created by Scillonian seawater itself during their casting process, echoing the waves and ripples of the sea and making every piece one of a kind


Organic forms and uneven glistening textures reflect the more rugged nature of Scilly. Solid and tactile pieces, the Granite range includes charms, open bangles and rings and are all available in silver and gold.