G r a n i t e

I love experimenting with texture and different finishes to make a piece unique and reflect the Scilllonian environmemt. The Granite collection includes bangles, earrings, rings and charms all given a touch of Scilly and a glistening finish with various methods using the local granite. (This range is also availble in Gold, please get in touch for pricing options.)

B e a c h

Old blues and whites, bright yellows and pinks to intricate figurative detail can all be found in the beautiful pieces of beach pottery and seaglass found on Scilly's shoreline. Each piece is carefully shaped by hand (although quite often there's no need to improve on the sea tumbled shape!) and then mounted in silver or gold and can be set as a bangle charm, ring or necklace.

O l d   P r i n t

My favourite collection. Old Print is a range of old beach pottery pieces that still retain their original lettering after years in the sea and washed up on our island shoreline. Each piece is carefully selected and delicately carved and shaped by hand to create an individual initial or lettering that can be set into gold (yellow, rose or white) or silver and mounted onto a ring, worn as a necklace or as a charm on a bangle. These are pretty exclusive as I still havent found the whole alphabet yet!

L o w   T i d e

This collection is all about texture inspired by the sand and sea formations created at low tide on Scilly. I use techniques that rely on an element of chance and experimentaion to give the silver a unique and organic surface that gets even better with wear. This collection includes cuffs, bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces.