Treasure Collection


The Treasure Collection is a truly unique jewellery design created to combine my love of faceted precious stones and a lifelong appreciation of the beautiful seaglass found on the shores of Scilly.


Every piece is hand cut, faceted and polished by hand in a way I have developed to retain some of the original tumbled 'seabed' texture underneath with the clarity and sparkle of a newly faceted surface.


Each piece in the Treasure collection is unique and made to order so please get in contact if you would like to discuss available colours etc using the gallery below for design reference and price guide. Due to high demand, there is usually an order 'window' every few months.


Please note - All new bespoke and Treasure orders can now be placed from September 2020, thankyou! x



Perfect on its own or ideal worn as part of a set with other collections. Available in silver, gold or silver with gold setting.



This design has a heavier band and base and makes a great statement piece as it suits larger Treasure settings. Available with a bezel or claw setting in silver, gold or a mix of the two.



Choose from mini faceted or heart shaped cabochon Treasures on simple fine chains to larger set pieces on a bespoke handmade chain.